Bonhoga Magic

Houses Front 2

Bonhoga Magic runs workshops in textile art, spinning and simple weaving, book making and collage.  Everyone goes away with a work of art and a smile.


I work with…
Charities – including people with learning difficulties, dementia etc
Businesses – team building (for information contact me)
Guilds – any guild and all areas considered
Parties – at home, a special occasion,  just for fun – children & adults

Workshops can be customised to suit participants, just ask, it could be magic!  People all ages can take part from 6 to 100.

The artwork is for sale and can be viewed in the gallery. There is a variety of themes and a mix of textiles and water colours. Each one is an individual piece of art and even if a theme is revisited it is never the same.Grey Round House in foliageQUESTIONS ARE WELCOMED