Christmas again

It’s that time of year and already the shops are running out of Christmas stock and preparing for Easter (this is what is happening in the warehouses apparently). I am getting out some of my work to be included in an exhibition in Linlithgow (The Line Gallery). Each year the exhibition is named after an angel and this year it is the shoulder angel. This is apparently the angel who sits on your shoulder telling you to be nice while the devil sits on your other shoulder and says don’t listen to her – be bad. I think we all like to think we listen to the angel more than the devil. Interestingly the angel is portrayed as female and the devil as male – I wouldn’t comment! My contribution will not be very Christmassy but like a dog it is for life and not just for Christmas.

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I am mostly a textile artist who dabbles in water colours. This is not my only line of work as craft does not pay enough to keep body and soul together but it is the thing I enjoy doing most.