A Long Time

I am not good at blogs.  It’s not that I have nothing to say, it’s the technology.  I have blogs in several different places for some reason.  I am hoping this will be where I think I have placed it!

I enjoy working with a variety of people and recently, on my monthly visit to Cairdeen Care Home an old friend turned up.  She had designed and embroidered a bag for her knitting.  It was a standard Hobbycraft tote and the simple design looked lovely.  She added her name to it and she keeps her latest jumper for the fish and chips babies in it, so called because they have no clothes and are often wrapped in paper to keep them warm.

She never remembers me but I am not offended as this lady has dementia, but her bag is always a connection and a reminder that she has worked with me before.

myra's knitting bag 2014 Cairdeen

The same group made Angels one year for Christmas.  I loved this one with her ruby red lips and tackety boots.  I think it says something about that generation that the lady was worried the angel had no shoes, or maybe I am reading too much into her comments…angel cairdeen Dec 2014