Working with Groups

More and more of my work is working with groups.  This ranges from working in Care Homes to working with adults with learning difficulties.  They all come with their challenges but also with their joys.  On Monday mornings I work with a group which has at it’s core two men who will sing songs and tell jokes.  I am given coffee and cake and we ‘play’.  There is no Monday blues at the start of my week.  Before Christmas I went and said to them that we were going to be cutting out Christmas trees from templates but I just could not think what we were going to do with them.  Jimmy decided he was going to make a picture.  When I suggested the two reindeer were going to fight, Jimmy, always the pacifist, told me they are just having a chat.  This is my favourite picture from the Christmas period.

talking reindeer 2 Jimmy dec 2016

A lot of wise men

No college this week but that does not mean I have a holiday. We are at the stage of working on our final piece and I still have to finish off some of my samples.

I had thought I was clever by doing some thumbnail sketches of my story, but that was only the start. We have to do a life size plan on paper of the final piece before we can start sewing. This turns out to be a good thing as it helps solve some of the issues before you start sewing and potentially go down the wrong road. Planning is not my strong point I must say. Now I am in a quandary as I had thought I would just do a story board with the various scenes of the Wise Men’s journey. The last scene is bigger than the others so this seemed the most practical way to do it. Then my teacher suggested a scroll and I thought that sounded a good idea and in keeping with the times, but there was an issue about how it would be displayed. Then she threw in another suggestion – why not do a concertina style book which could stand up. I am not sure … I might go back to my original idea.

The whole thing is nine panels with the wise men looking at their maps, two deciding to go on the journey with the third staying behind, then changing his mind. Just before Christmas Sister Wendy had been on TV and had mentioned that of course there would not have been just 3 wise men as lots of magi would have seen the same thing and made that journey. So I expanded my story to include this idea. I have always loved the story and it just gets better as I get into it.

I have a needle felted picture of the three in my gallery which is much admired – probably because it is so simple.


Everyone has at least one favourite story, I have several and this one certainly comes top of the list.