Working with Groups

More and more of my work is working with groups.  This ranges from working in Care Homes to working with adults with learning difficulties.  They all come with their challenges but also with their joys.  On Monday mornings I work with a group which has at it’s core two men who will sing songs and tell jokes.  I am given coffee and cake and we ‘play’.  There is no Monday blues at the start of my week.  Before Christmas I went and said to them that we were going to be cutting out Christmas trees from templates but I just could not think what we were going to do with them.  Jimmy decided he was going to make a picture.  When I suggested the two reindeer were going to fight, Jimmy, always the pacifist, told me they are just having a chat.  This is my favourite picture from the Christmas period.

talking reindeer 2 Jimmy dec 2016