I was at the Edinburgh Yarn Festival at the weekend.  I learned two things, one was not to turn up right at the start when there are big queues and the other was that online booking these days is not a quicker way to get in.  Nearly everyone had booked online so the few people paying on the day were in and enjoying themselves while we organised people were queuing in the cold!

One of the things I bought was a pattern for a knitted doll.  One enterprising lady had made two kits – one with all the materials and one without the wool.  She had also made the pattern available and this was what I bought.  If the choice had just been the kit I would not have bought at all.

This doll will not be given to a little girl as the last time I gave a crochet doll to a friends child I just got a look with no joy or wonder just confusion.  Obviously she was too young to understand the concept!

crochet doll