Pomander Heaven

Wedding pomanders seem to have passed me by.  That is until someone asked me to make 4 for her wedding.  She is having 4 little girls from 2 to 8 and flowers would just be messy and maybe ruin their beautiful dresses.

I see online people advertising them made with felt buds.  They are very pretty and the bit of one that I made, even with it’s unregulated sizes, looks very pretty in dark red.  But oh, I would lose the will to live if I did a whole one.  Possibly because when I made the bud I felt it needed to be sewn at the base to keep it together.  Wedding paraphenalia are often kept as keepsakes and I wanted them to be as secure as possible and to be able to stand the potential battering on the day.  Of course because of the ages of the children pins were out of the question, so out came my glue gun.  This is not a tool I have used much in the past, but after one or two burnt fingers I thought I had managed OK.  The few that I did that is, the rest of the ball is now felted with a very pretty pink.

The buds are made by cutting a circle of felt then cutting a spiral starting on the outside edge and finishing in the centre.  The felt is rolled from the edge in to form a bud.  There should be a little flap which can be used to secure it onto whatever you wish.  Some people have used pins with pearlised heads which look very nice or, as I did, a glue gun is a more permanent way to attach them.

The pomanders I will be making will have flowers made from muslin and with little buttons in the centre.  We are choosing these tomorrow.  The ribbon handle will be Stewart Tartan to match the groom’s outfit.  I am so glad to have been asked to do this.  Watch out for additions to my shop when I get it up and running.